Registered Agent Services

registered agent

If you are looking for registered agent services in California, you’ve found them. As an attorney, I provide the service via my office in Del Mar to businesses throughout California. You can check my website for details.

What is a registered agent? It is the physical person that receives the service of legal documents on behalf of a business entity, typically a corporation or limited liability company.

How It Works

When a party wishes to serve official legal documents on a business entity, they will serve them upon the resident agent. At that point, I would then contact you and forward the documentation. You would then need to respond to the legal notice.


The advantage of using an independent registered agent is really two fold. First, the name of the agent is a matter of public record. Most people prefer to keep their names off of such lists. Second, lawsuits are often served by obnoxious individuals who revel in making a scene or sheriffs in uniform. Many businesses prefer to avoid having either of these individuals showing up at their office and causing a scene.

Business Address

Can you use my office address as your business address? No. A primary business office is entirely different than registered agent services. If you are in need of an office address, you should take a look at the executive office packages that are readily available throughout the state.


I charge an annual fee of $250 to act as a registered agent. The fee is due upfront. If you would like to learn more, please contact me to discuss your particular situation.


Real Estate Investment LLC

Real estate investment llcWhen it comes to investing, real estate is a popular choice with many people. The real estate investment LLC often represents the best business entity through which to make said investment.

Real Estate Investment LLC

There is more than a bit of confusion regarding the real estate investment LLC. People seem to think it is unique in some way when compared to a run of the mill limited liability company. It is not. It is a simple LLC irrespective of the business undertaken within it.

If this is the case, then what makes it the business entity of choice for most real estate investors? There are a number of factors, but flexibility is one of the bigger ones. The real estate investment can be moved in and out of the LLC with little or no tax consequence.

For example, assume you want to move a house in a 1031 exchange. You can take the house out of the LLC [converting it to personal property] and then make the 1031 exchange. If you tried to do this with an “S” corporation, in contrast, the removal of the house from the corporation would be a taxable event. This would eliminate the possibility of the 1031 exchange and defeat the deal.

The real estate investment LLC also offers the advantages you would traditionally expect to find with any limited liability company. The shareholders, known as “members” for an LLC, are provided with liability protection if the real estate investment goes bad. Of course, they risk losing their investment in the LLC, but no business entity can eliminate that risk.

Are there any downsides to a California real estate investment LLC? Of course! It is California, after all. In truth, the downsides are fairly nominal. You can expect to pay a fee related to your revenues, which is really a gross revenue tax. Given the high prices associated with California real estate, it can be a shock to many investors. Other than that, however, the downsides are minimal.

If you are interested in starting a real estate investment LLC, please contact me today for more information. All initial consultations are without cost or obligation.